Aditi Wardhan Singh

Who is Aditi ?

Raising World Children LLC

I have the honor of running the global online & in print platform RaisingWorldChildren which has diverse voices coming together for the purpose of empowerment of multicultural families. Our online platform has featured over 150 writers from around the heart, and has been spoken about across multiple broadcast networks and global publications. Our first book Strong Roots Have No Fear has sold thousands of copies within a short span of time and has been named TOP 10 finalist in the Author Academy awards.

A Computer Engineer by education, I have always had a passion for words and realized that I had equal passion for parenting as well. To that end, I now provide tools to open minded parents to empower their children to become global thought leaders. My focus is creating conversations about cultural sensitivity and empowerment.

To that end, I have written the now BestSelling Book, “Strong Roots Have No Fear”. Our publication has three books coming out in 2020. Two books for children and one book for parents everywhere to raise their child with a #globalmindset

Featured on a number of global publications and broadcast networks, I am also a co-author for the Best Selling book ” When You Are Done Expecting”.

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Our mission statement is to promote empowerment in every aspect of life!


Author of the best selling book Strong Roots Have No Fear & founder of global online publication Raising World, Aditi wears many hats with panache. A global citizen and mother of two, she is an authoritative voice on cultural sensitivity and self empowerment. Her book Strong Roots Have No Fear is TOP 10 Finalist in Author Academy awards. She has been featured on numerous global publications, broadcast networks and has co authored the best selling book When You’re DONE Expecting . A trained Indian classical dancer, she enjoys choreographing dance recitals. 

Hi! I am Aditi Wardhan Singh. Welcome to MY space!

I love being a mother. It is a struggle but it led me to the happiest moments of my life and my career as a Freelance Writer focusing on positive parenting with a specialization in cultural sensitivity.

Today, I help other parents struggling to balance their heritage with today’s cultures and parenting through my words. I am a foodie, who loves writing, editing and teaching dance. Helping multicultural families like myself living their best life is a passion of mine for I root for empowering children to thrive in our multicultural world, intuitively.


Why I Founded Raising World Children Platform

Childhood in Kuwait, graduation from India, coming to USA with her husband and two kids later, I constantly felt like I was the Girl from Nowhere. It is hard to find a tribe when you do not belong to any single language nor do you identify with a specific citizenship and thus mindset.

Being a mother made me realize how wrong I had been. I was notthe “Girl From No Where”. I realized that my experiences have been a blessing! I enjoy celebrating varied food, festivals and traditions with her children and sharing her kaleidoscopic memories with them. I find it paramount to have that fine balance of new age thinking and heritage in this multicultural environment.

I  realized we don’t ever have to “belong” to one place. Nor should we. Because we belong everywhere.

I started writing specifically about the challenges I faced in parenting in 2007 and the many positive facets within them on the blog Silver Linings. In 2016 I started my journey to being a successful freelance writer for Huffpost, Thrive Global and other publications (Check out the Articles in the Menu.)

Always aspiring to become a novelist, in 2017 I began working on my dream book but soon, I realized when talking about culture, my voice alone is not enough!

With the number of people living in a multi cultural environment; there is need now more than ever to create cultural awareness.

I wrote an article for Richmond Moms Blog which got me thinking! Cultures change every two hours of travel. The food, the air, the places to see, the thinking. Even if you visit a place, you cannot possibly know the real life of the people there. We cannot all possibly see it all but we can read or share it with others out there who desire to learn more.

I have brought over 100+ voices from around the world together to  provide  open minded parents with tools to empower their children to grow to be positive, gracious, global thought leaders!

We are after all one world raising world children !

In January 2019, I finally published my book Strong Roots Have No Fear. You can read all about it and it’s best selling success here.