Aditi Wardhan Singh

Heartbeats Shining

You would think time had stood still,
Yet the days will pass in the blink of an eye.

My heart beats with every morning,
Gratitude wells with every night.

Late sun rises, bookshelves and nature around,
Water fights, sprinklers and waves galore.

I take time out to slow down with them,
My heart beats with the sun that shines down.

The mind rushes and pushes, don’t stop. Work harder.
Wake up earlier, stay up late. Catch up. Catch up!

The metronome of their laughter holds me back.
Tells me it all can wait. This time is now! This time is sand.

Flowing into tomorrow, just like ripples to be gone.
With halting steps, I let weights go.

Forces of laundry, dishes, chores, shopping errands, projects and more,
I cut down my list and plan for all that’s repetitive.

Hold close my responsibilities, freeing obligations into the skies.
Regrets, yes. Anger, yes. Why nots, yes. Whys, yes.

Facing it all with honesty.
Self care has many faces, you see.

For in the midst of it all, there is warmth.
Hugs, smiles, rainy days, smells of the summer.

The summer I stepped back, not away.
By doing lesser. By being okay with the what ifs.

The summer I found myself again.
Days when I rediscovered the joy, of laying in the shade…
Just being … just watching … just absorbing.
The world around me. Shining into my heart.

Only to find myself with MORE heartbeats.
To give. To grow. To love.

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