Aditi Wardhan Singh

Deathly Wisps Rooting Deep

Circles of Death

The glimmer is shining bright,
Little adults playing pretend,
Talking about that stick
That makes you cool.

Tiny clouds that dance,
Rooting within, strong and lethal
These circles of death that surround you
Pungent, colorful and wispy.

Puffing rings that grow into circles,
Tricks that bring laughter,
Admiration from those around them.
Pats on the back and even pride in jeers.

Long ago burning white sticks
Were removed from the world
And then the whispers grow,
The death hidden in these metal flutes

A different lamp
The same magic
Equally alluring
Equally devastating.

And a voice grows stronger
Breaking the mirage
Opening eyes, enlightening minds
With the truth

X times more gripping,
The addiction just chains,
Vaping is not safer than…
It is just more remorseless.

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