Aditi Wardhan Singh

Your Worth is Not Defined By the Money You Earn

I have felt it often and I know of many mothers who feel it a lot of times. Specially if your are not an “earning member”. Feeling that you areĀ  not worthy because you do not have a steady income. You see others around you bringing in money and wonder if you are doing your part.

Not just towards your family, but society. Are we worthy of a air you breathe, the food you eat, the moments you enjoy?

It is disheartening when you feel your raising your kids, volunteering for the community, being there for your friends etc is Not enough. You are not enough.

Specially when you hear comments like, “It’s different for stay at home moms. ” or ” We just do not have the time with the “work” I do. ” It’s in the subtle looks, the snark comments, the thoughtless moments of contempt.

But here’s the thing.

Every single person in the world has a purpose. From the janitor to the mailman to the teacher to the mother raising kids all day to the women at work or the CEOs to the people running the world.

Without even a single person doing their part, their ecosystem crumbles. The world that they help run, the children that are being raised, the schedules, the money, even the clean floors all cease to exist in the way they are meant to.

The worth of a person is not defined JUST by the money they earn. It is the love they harbor for those around them, the values they influence those around them with, the time they donate towards building relationships, the energy they put out towards the world. THAT, while may seem not tangible are more essential to humanity than all the hours they put together in the work. Even those hours they put in at work, the job they do is less important than how they choose to do it.

Your value does not decrease based on the inability of someone to see your worth.

Valuing yourself in your eyes is a big part of how confident your feel about yourself. While validation is great, it is important to know how important you are to the existence of those around you. If you keep holding onto the desire of others’ seeing the magic in your presence, you are going to be sadly disappointed.

Your every action, word, thought adds to your worth. Be conscious of the power you hold within. Your strength is unique to you. Your journey is momentous, your path revolutionary. For only you have gone through your struggles and come out on top!

As they say in Hindi, “Aadmi chota bada nahi hota, dil hota hai.” Means it’s not the man but the heart that is big or small.

So, be content in yourself. In the knowledge that what you DO, every moment you LIVE adds to the world around you. Know you are enough. More than enough.


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