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3 Steps to Giving Kids a Positive Start To Every Day

We have all been there. Going to sleep when wide awake, or trying to, then waking up struggling to get the day started.

Our generation did it as kids and now the next one does it as well. It is a hard circle to get out of. This cycle of restless sleep and sleepy exhaustion. It is only very recently there has been a clear emphasis on good sleeping habits.

“Everyone needs their beauty sleep”, is not just a cliche. It is a fact!

I stand by the immense role sleep plays in a healthy body and mind. Specially that of a growing child. Not just to keep one fit but also, in helping one during those many sick days.

Sleep plays a vital role in healing and growth.

My son has taken both parents’ sleep vices. Sleeping late and being a light sleeper. So I have always had a struggle getting him to and keeping him asleep. Leading to me being exhausted. Once I started doing the below steps to help him, it went a long way towards both my kids waking up with huge smiles with just a nudge!

How do we make sure kids wake up wide and dewy eyed every morning? By making sure they get a good night’s sleep of course

Lots Of Activity During Evenings

Kids are bundles of energy that needs to power down before it can be recharged. And to discharge that energy every, single kid need a lot of mental and physical stimulation. Thus it is highly important to get those wiggles out in inventive ways so they can head on to a direction for good sleep.

Summers are easier when you can let the kids out in the back yard or have a play date at the park. It takes a little extra effort during winters when you have to think up new ideas to get them engaged. Sure, it is hard work for every parent but so vital for the release of energy in ways that are conducive to exploration, creativity or just happy madness!

Wind Down Half Hour Before Bed Time

I would suggest this time is important to give your kids’ body and mind space to relax and signal that the fun is over. Now it is time to start slowing down. Meditate. In my home this time is usually when the kids just read or play board games or create with Lego.

Stick to Favorite Bed Time Routines

This can often be cumbersome but is very rewarding in teaching kids that there is a set path towards lights out and consequentially sleep.

They get so used to the idea of changing their clothes, getting to brush and then snuggle time for a set amount of time. (Don’t forget to include prepping for next morning.)

Often us parents let go of routines, we create owning to outside circumstances. The anxiety and hyper activity in our own worlds creates a pause as we wonder how to get better sleep. What is more important is to set a time or signal that helps them know that resistance is futile!

I suggest you follow these guidelines to decide when your kids should go to sleep. Make sure your set time is in accordance with your wind down time. So, for example, in our home kids have to sleep at 9:30 pm. So they hit their rooms for bed time at 9 pm.

In our home, for the longest time (when the kids were younger) we had the funniest song I made up.

‘Are you ready for brush?
Are you ready to put in bed your tush ?
Are you ready to put dreams in your eyes ?
Are you ready to say to mom goodnight ?’

Giggles aside, the kids went to bed happy and it really helped them look at bed time as fun rather than a chore that makes all the fun end.

Wishing your kids bright mornings full of positive radiance and new hope each day!

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