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How To Make The Best Use of Groupon

When I came upon Groupon Coupons I was hooked onto window shopping online. Every morning I got up and went through every single cool thing that was on sale,  dream bought a bunch of stuff and turned off my phone.

Because I have to go to the store to make my purchases. There is a high I get from finding things cheap and getting it rung at the check out counter. I thought discount shopping online was not for me. How wrong I was!

One day I came upon a restaurant that we frequent. I instantly bought the deal. A few days I chanced upon amazing offer on Paint Night that I have always wanted to try.  On browsing further I was surprised to find many useful services discounted — massages, pedicures, manicures, cleaning services etc.



They also have a whole section of Things to Do locally.  Be it trying a new food to seeing a new show. They constantly update their catalog with places to visit and hotels so there is always something new to check out. With many vacation packages that they offer, it’s easier than before to have an enjoyable break on a budget. And it dawned on me that Groupon can mean a totally new life style. A way to experience new adventures.

But as with everything, using Groupon can be tricky. So here’s the tricks I discovered to make the best, no fail use of your Groupon coupon.

Sign Up With Offer

Make sure you sign up when you have an offer going on. That way you get an instant discount on your Groupon membership. Win Super win !

Use the Wishlist

You have to be vigilant. Don’t just blindly buy stuff. The minute you come upon something you want to do, know the full price of it and then keep an eye out on Groupon. Chances are sooner or later a similar service/getaway will be advertised. Put it on your wishlist so you know when you buy it.

Discount the Groupon

Members often (very often) get even more discounts like 20% off any one Groupon or $30 off on $100. That simply means that you get a discount on the already slashed prices. These are specially great to combine your dream services/restaurants or on getaways. Be patient if you miss one. They always have these amazing offers. Did I hear anyone say “weekend get away”?

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Plan Ahead

This is key to making full use of your groupon coupons. Have a list written down on your wall or personal planner for days that your chosen coupons (restaurants/services) are expiring. This ensures that even if the mood strikes you, you don’t end up eating out at a random joint.

Spread the Word

I had a great time at the Paint Night I recently went to. You know why? My girl friends and I bought the same coupon and went together. Now, whenever one of us sees something another is interested in (we all know what our friends need), we holler out and let each other know what is up for grabs. Networking at it’s best!

Download the App

This one is a no brainer. With the app right on your phone you don’t have to print anything out. You don’t have to worry about losing your Groupon bucks/coupons. You use the service and instantly redeem it.

Let’s face it! Most of us with families are always looking to cut back costs to funnel into the kids’ classes or family needs. Why not make the best use of a service that provides all the fun stuff to do and more on discounted prices? Have fun Grouponing your lifestyle !

How To Make the bestuse of


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17 thoughts on “How To Make The Best Use of Groupon

  1. We use groupon all the time to find discounts on fun local things to do! I love just going on and browsing what they have when we try to decide what we are going to do one weekend.

  2. I’ve always heard people get great deals off Groupon, but I’ve never dedicated the time to making it happen for myself! Thanks for your tips- I think I need to try it out, especially for date night stuff!

  3. Groupons sound like a great idea. I’ve heard of them but not used them. Will have to check out what is available near me.

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