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Plan an Olympic themed Picnic

I put together an End of Summer – Picnic for my neighborhood last week. We had a potluck for the snack foods and I organized  an itinerary of games for all the families. At the end, I gave out silver and gold medals made out of chocolate  (Twix and Musketeers) for the families and they were a huge hit! The kids loved them as a treat and the adults loved taking the classic biting the medal pictures as a reminder of a fun day. Below is a list of games I had planned keeping in mind the various age groups that were going to be present there.

Biting our Candy Medals


Fruit Bowl – For Everyone – This is a super fun game where everyone stands in a circle and are given the names of different fruits. A random person will call out the different fruits, say apple and then all the apples will run and change positions with the other apples. But when they scream Fruit Bowl, every single person has to change their position from their previous place.
Blanket run Race – Parent with their Kids – This was the kids’ favorite. The kids sit on a blanket and the parent pulls them till the finish line.
I’m bringing – Everyone ( Sitting Game ) – I kept this game so everyone had some respite for a while. In this game, everyone sits in a huge circle. Each person says, ” I’m bringing … and the name of an item you bring to a picnic and the person next to you keeps repeating the items till someone forgets it and then you start over.
Carry the ball Race – Parents/Kids in same age Pairs – You do it in pairs kids with kids and parents with their partners. They balanced the ball between their heads and raced towards the finish line.
Throw the Ball Further – Parent with Kids – Parent and child make pairs and toss a ball between them increasing the distance between them.
Carry glass of Water Race – Parents then Kids. You can have two different races with people holding a half filled glass of water while walking as fast as you can to the finish line.
Freeze Dance – Kids – This is something that everyone can play but is most fun for kids. You play music and let everyone dance and when the music stops, everyone freezes. The person who moves is out.
Family Scavenger Hunt – Everyone. I created this list keeping in mind that each family would be a team and there would have to be something for every age group to do. Since it’s a picnic things would be scarce so it’s more a list of tasks to be done.

Scavenger Hunt List for Picnic 
  • The first clue is fairly simple. Find three leaves with no wrinkle.
  • At any event this is a must, take an usie of the family you trust.
  • For this indication you don’t have to dig. Look for a branch or a twig.
  • When you are here, you go down and up. Take one snap for when you grow up.
  • You are doing great. You should really serve yourself a plate.
  • In this very venue, there is something slippery and blue. Model at the top of this clue.
  • Something to dribble, something to play. This will surely come in your feet’s way.
  • You are doing great, keep up the pace. Click yourselves having a fake race.
  • This hint is a little cheeky. Find something that makes mommy look pretty.
  • The theme of this picnic is so in. Make a picture of the Olympics rings.
  • Being thirsty can get a bit much. Find a drink to quench your thirst.
  • Mom likes things to be really clean. This helps mom keep things pristine.
  • Your family are amazing to partake & not mock. You are awesome, you ____ !!
  • Dad likes to drive the car. Keep a print of baby and dad at the wheel going far.
  • When you are done being on the go, hand  over clues to judge really slowwww.

If you enjoyed this list you might like to go through other scavenger hunt lists I came up for two different events.

Here is a comprehensive list of items we needed during the picnic. Everyone was very gracious in helping set up and clean up after.

Potluck List

  • Juice
  • Glasses
  • Chips and Dip
  • Snack Plates
  • Cooler
  • Ice
  • Water
  • Freeze pops
  • Trash Bags
  • Table cloths
  • Speaker
  • Bounty
  • Ziploc bags/Aluminium foil for left overs.
  • Snack foods like Cookies/Cupcakes, Bagels, Sandwiches , Potato Salad, Donuts, Pound Cake , Croissants etc

Miscellaneous Things to Bring by each family
Bed sheet/Blanket = sit / play.
Balls big and small for games.
Change of Clothes for Kids.
Moist Towelettes.
Some Crayons and Paper/coloring books  – We  set up a drawing table for kids there which was great because the kids really needed to sit and take a break.


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