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Prayers Unanswered

Faith and God are always a tricky subject, specially when the question comes from the minds of those unable to comprehend the complicated importance of religion in one’s life.


My five year old recently asked me,” Mom, I’ve been praying for a pet since a few days now. When will I get it ?” You can imagine my heart melting on this high level of unintentional emotional coercion.

After a few days, one morning while his dad was out of town for work, he asks with extreme disappointment in his voice, ” I prayed yesterday for Daddy to be home today. Why didn’t God give me what I wanted. Why hasn’t Daddy come back yet? ”

At first I was at loss for words. Then I responded, ” God is kind of like Mom and Dad. You can ask whatever you want. But he will first think if it’s good for you or bad for you and when is the right time for you to get it and then only you will get it. Maybe you will get it. Maybe you will not get it also. But does not mean you stop asking. Sometimes, you ask for something and you get something else that makes you more happier. ”

That seemed to pacify him and while I was quite proud of myself for thinking up a simple answer, I wondered how much he actually understood. How much he will ever understand!

Religion and faith these days are circles that are constantly intersecting and separating from each other at different points of time. Through it all Believing in whatever you choose to believe to keep you strong is what holds you together. I can only hope that over time my little ones never stop believing. And always know the simple truth that the more you are thankful for, the more you realize you have.

4 thoughts on “Prayers Unanswered

  1. I think you explained it very well! I distinctly remember having the same conversation with my uncle when I was very young. I’d been praying for a dog and he told me that God isn’t just a God of “yes” and “no.” Sometimes his answer is “wait.”

  2. I love how you explained that to him. It can be difficult to explain prayer to children, but I’m going to remember this when my son is older and starts asking me questions about prayer.

  3. I think that was an excellent explanation. Like you said it is so hard to explain some things to kids, you can’t over complicate it and you have to be prepared for them to only listen to half of what you have actually said lol.

  4. I think you explained it wonderfully. Even as an adult, when you long for something, you forget that God is not a genie. You did a wonderful job explaining it to your child and it’s something even some adults need.

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