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When I was expecting to deliver, I was extremely worried about my son. How he would manage without me for those three days when I would be at the hospital away from him? A nurse laughed during my hospital tour when I expressed concern saying, “Well, it’s you whose worried. He will have a blast with grandparents pampering him and giving him all that he wants. ”

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Those three difficult days came and went. I was almost disappointed by how well he handled being away from me. It maybe had a lot to do with the ” boys” going home and all the “girls” staying at the hospital.

Cut to a year later and one random day, he hugs me saying, ” Mom I really missed you when you were at the hospital ” and he says it even now two years later. He’s five now and when I get sick worries if I will have to go back, away from him. Will I come back ?

Every time he says it my heart wells with pride and love, that my little boy felt so strongly but didn’t communicate to anyone at the time, putting up a brave front or maybe not even paying attention to it in all the excitement knowing the problem cannot be solved, storing it away as a personal worry.

There are many such moments during my pregnancy when I had been surprised at the amount of maturity and care he’s had for my well being. In fact, I credit him a lot for being such a support during my tough time. In time I’m sure His worry will dissipate but my admiration for his strength and love will never.

Goes to show the simplest moments in which we, no matter what our own situation, have to be strong for those we love.

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