Aditi Wardhan Singh

Be Nice


Scene at book store, at cash register.

Little 4 :  “I want this. ”
Me : ” No. We are almost done. “Little 4 naturally gets upset. Result, when an older boy ahead in line smiles at him, he feels angrier still and turns away, arms folded.
Me : “That’s not nice. You should be nice. You can just say hello. Even if you don’t feel happy. How would you feel if someone behaved like this with Mama? ”
Little 4, sheepishly : ” Hello . ”

Cut to scene at restaurant.

We are happily eating a meal when Little 4 proudly announces, “Mommy, look ! I was nice to the Fat lady sitting behind us. ”
Aghast hubby and I look at each other and hubby whispers urgently, ” We have told you, you shouldn’t talk about anyone’s body Little 4. ”
Little 4 :” Okay.”
Clearly confused he continues eating and mid way starts pointing at his tummy and me with dreadful feeling respond. ” Don’t tell it loudly. Whisper it to your dad.”
Little 4 leans over, close to hubby’s ear and whispers quietly, “But I was nice. ”
Hubby whispers back : ” Yes that is good, but when you say such things it will hurt someone’s feelings. ”


Parenting is like walking across a minefield. You never know which one you step on while avoiding the first one !

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