Aditi Wardhan Singh

Baby Shower Thank You Poem

Came across this poem I wrote for all my friends after my first baby shower . It was such a precious day and a wondrous time, not knowing what the future holds. Excitement built up exponentially as the end grew near !!

Yet these words remind me of how it takes a real support system to be able to get through any tough time. The slightest kind gesture is a treasure. I remember how every person I knew, even strangers treated me with such tenderness. The picture is of the cake so loving made for the occasion.


My little baby is coming
The day is drawing near.
And so I spend my time dreaming
of sweet baby dear.

I dream of little hands,
precious feet and angel eyes,
I dream of reading stories, changing diapers,
peek a boo and lullabies.

And while I ponder
such sweet; happy days,
My thoughts turn to those
who have helped me along the way.

I’m really glad that you could come
And surprise this to-be mother
sit down, relax, enjoy yourselves
and chat with one another

Though Baby is not there to thank you
for all the gifts you brought
Mommy and Daddy are grateful
we appreciate the thought !

Nine months is quite a long wait
And it hasn’t always been fun.
But thanks to sweet friends like you,
I am almost done!

Baby will be arriving shortly
and I’m as happy as can be
So, Baby says ” Once I open my eyes,
Do come and also visit me. “

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