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Survey Beta version.


Remember when we had these tagging posts where we each had a bunch of questions to answer and then named a few others to pass on the baton to? I found this survey on Pinterest and found it a good perspective check. You ask your child these questions. I was honestly scared to ask but then the answers left me with a warm resonance.

What is something Mummy always say to you? – Be quiet
What makes Mummy happy? By smiling face
What makes Mummy sad? By crying
What does Mummy do to make you laugh? Making lot of jokes.
How old is Mummy? 4 years old.
How tall is Mummy? This much. ( arms really wide )
What is Mummy’s favorite thing to do? Do naughty
What is Mummy really good at? Cooking.
What does Mummy do for job? Doing laptop
What is Mummy’s favorite food? Parathas
Who is Mama’s best friend ? Daddy and me.
How do you know Mummy loves you? When you do like this. ( mimics a hug )
Where is Mummy’s favorite place to go? Circle shop. ( That’s Target stores and I think he was projecting, coz it’s his favorite place to go )

When we were young we had scrapbooks where our friends answered similar questions about us. Then in blogosphere we started tagging each other describing ourselves. All those versions of us are frozen in time. My kids, see the most honest version of me and thus these answers, however fickle and momentous matter the most.

What’s incredibly sweet though is no matter how many times I ask, the answers that never change are ” Who are Mama’s best friends? ” and ” How do you know Mama loves you? ” And that I guess is the crux of it all.

Go ahead, ask your kids these and more questions. See how, what, who they see you as.

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