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40 Activities for Toddler Summer

So, spring is here and the way things are going summer is just around the corner. Which is good, coz after the depressing winter we have had with the colds and flu and the ear infections, the last thing I need is the allergy season to be with us for a long time.

Shadow Play
Shadow Play

Which makes having a gala time with my toddler in toe all summer double exciting. Well, who am I kidding. It’s him having a gala time with me in toe. Things to do on our summer list are as follows and these usually go on repeat, weather and opportunity permitting.

* Going to the park in the mornings or late evenings.

* Playing with the water table in the back yard.

* Long walks around the community.

* Tonnes of play dates with all the friends.

* Visits to the library for story time or just to explore.

* Trips to the mall for the train rides and looking at the fountains.

* Swimming in the back yard pool ( for kiddo ).

* Playing with shadows.

* Swimming at the State parks, rivers or Beaches.

* Picnics at the Parks with loads of food or fun with Frisbee and stuff.

* Getting dirty in the water/sand/dirt as much as possible.

* Lots of reading for me, and pretend reading for the little one in the sun.

* Arts and crafts with crayons, paints, paper, play dough, glue and sticks indoors and outdoors.

* Enjoy juices, ice creams and lollies as we roam around outside.

* Pretend cooking with the sand/dirt/water.

* Use chalk/glow in the dark chalk on the drive way.

* Ride around on the tricycle/ pedal car.

* Visits to the zoo.

* Racing paper boats.

* Visits to the amusement parks for the festivities, cotton candy and kiddo rides.

* Go and check out local per store.

* Roam around in the local plants nursery learning the different flowers and plants.

* Go to see a parade/festival/fireworks.

* Fly kites

* Visits to the botanical garden.

* Dance in the rain.

* Play in the sand at the beach.

* Do a little gardening.

* Enjoying the fun on long road trips.

* Check out the fishes at the aquariums.

* Pretend living in a fort in the tent outside.

* Water gun fights.

* Have fun on the slip and slide ( home made or store bought ) .

* Jumping around on the trampoline/bouncy castle.

* Lots and lots of bubbles.

* Running around when the sprinklers come on.

* Enjoy the summer nights as we look at the stars or planes passing over.

* Play basketball or any kind of ball/balloon/game for that matter.

* Learn new words by playing I spy.

* Make a lot of new friends.

* Go to Barnes and Noble or the Children’s Museum or Story times in whatever store they are available.

Through all of these remember to stay hydrated, fed and protect your skin with sun tan lotion or spray. I’ll be positing detailed posts on all the above as and when they happen but this list is just a reminder of all the fun things to keep in mind this summer. Do add onto it if you like. And share you fun things to do list so that I too maybe be inspired.

Another idea that I would love to do when he understands better, is put all the above into a summer fun calendar or box and let him choose or leave it to chance.

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