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Beyonce at the SuperBowl 2013

So a friend of mine has a perfectly valid question about Beyonce’s get up the other day. – ” If a singer who is a role model of thousands of young girls ( our daughters) dresses up like a stripper on national television, and we object to it, are we being judgmental?
Or just bury your head in the sand, and ignore? ”

My response runs something like this.

Yes that is being being judgmental. Though everyone is entitled to their opinion as well.

It’s burying one’s head in the sand for thinking of her as stripper coz that’s how the world just is these days, unfortunate as it may be. One can only control their own hemisphere in life and their own children. You can comment n talk about it but its the singers choice of how she wants to portray herself. She has a great body n she’s worked hard on it so she will flaunt it. When it’s part of a culture then it’s not wrong or right. It just is. Also, instead of concentrating on what she was wearing one can think/talk about the talent, hard work, time and energy it goes into putting such a show together. It gives so many people jobs, co ordinating those dancers, lighting, the dedication to dance And sing at the same time. Having taken part in stage dramas,dances and all so I know it’s not easy.

Just to clarify I’m not a big fan of Beyonce or an advocate for wearing revealing clothes though I don’t have any issues with people flaunting what they have within limits either. I too wouldn’t agree with what she was wearing but then my opinion on that doesn’t really count much. It’s a poor choice but I wouldn’t say it’s degrading to women or stripper like either coz she’s put in a lot of hard work to get where she is and is talented. It would be wrong to judge someone Solely on what they choose to wear on an occasion. For the swearing in ceremony for eg she wore a perfectly respectable black dress.

In today’s world where guns, violence, drugs and rape are major issues I believe it’s important to guide our children to be good within. Instead of worrying about the dangers in the world and pointing at all the things people do wrong, teach your kids how to make good and sensible decisions. Parent’s example n guidance can turn even a negative influence/experience into a positive lesson.

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  1. I completely agree with your opinion. We are too quick to judge, and in addition, we all think that we should control women’s lives, the choices they make, and the clothes that they choose to wear.

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